Review Policy

Book Munchies welcomes all publishers and authors (self-published or not) who wish to request our reviews for their book(s). Our reviews are published on Goodreads and Amazon as well sometimes. If there’s a specific place you want the review posted at, mention that with your request. If provided with an ARC, we will not giveaway or resell it.

Both Ali and Kim are proud owners of Kindles. So we accept any format compatible with the Kindle or physical copies of the books to review. DRM files are not preferred but accepted if that’s the only option.

Genres we’re open but not limited to:

  • Kim: YA fiction, YA sci-fi/ fantasy, urban fantasy, mystery/thriller, & romance
  • Ali: Anything. (:

If we take on a book review request it will be read and reviewed within 1-2 weeks. The publisher/author/etc. will be alerted when the review is posted. Also if there is a preference for who would review the book, please let us know.

In accordance with FTC guidelines, any books received and reviewed on this site are provided for free. Neither Ali nor Kim receive money for any reviews they have posted or will post. Any books we receive for free will be made clear in the review.


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