We are Kim & Ali. We like to read and sometimes eat books (’cause we’re that awesome).

About Book Munchies:

Originally Book Munchies was just Kim’s blog. But as she talked it over with Ali, the idea caught on. Rather than having two separate blogs (foolishness really), the pair decided it would be more fun to blog together. Thus Book Munchies came into existence in February of 2011.

About Kim:

Ever since the 2nd grade and the discovery of chapter books (“Run Spot, Run” just never did it for her), Kim has spent most of her life devouring books left and right. Mostly in love with romance and YA science fiction/ fantasy books, Kim dabbles in other genres occasionally. Her favorite series at the moment is the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. Her favorite book of all time is “Sabriel” by Garth Nix. (The Abhorsen Trilogy is a good read overall, but “Sabriel” holds a bigger place in her heart than the following two books.)

Outside of books and abusing parentheses, Kim is fascinated with yarning and crafts. She’s proficient in crocheting, and mostly a beginner with knitting. Dabbling in nail art, Kim posts pictures of her attempts on her DeviantArt when she remembers. A senior in college, Kim attends Emerson College majoring in Writing, Literature and Publishing. Working part time at the local B&N also helps to fan her passion for books.

Kim can also be found on Goodreads, Book Blogs or the Book Munchies twitter making random comments about books and the weather. If for some reason anyone wanted to know what she listened to as she read all these books, Kim can be stalked on her Last.fm. (It’s mostly up-to-date.)Her 2011 reading challenge is kept up-to-date.

About Ali:

The occasional contributor to BM. She’s a mystery waiting to be figured out.


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